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Travis Japan's smile on the cover of "Myojo": "Sorry for the wait, readers!"

Travis Japan's are featured on the cover of January's Myojo, the first time since their return from their homecoming!

Travis Japan Myojo

Travis Japan will be featured on the cover and front cover of the January 2023 issue of "Myojo" (published by Shueisha), which goes on sale on January 22. The group made their worldwide debut with a single distributed on the 28th of last month, and this is their first photo shoot since returning to Japan from Los Angeles, California, where they studied abroad.

The cover of the magazine is now complete, with their bright smiles as they gain more and more momentum. In the special feature article, they look back on their life during their study abroad and give a warm message to their fans who have been eagerly awaiting their debut. This is the second time that Travis Japan has appeared on the cover of the magazine since the April 2022 issue.

 In addition, Travis Japan's first solo calendar "2023.4→2024.3 Travis Japan Calendar" (tentative) will be released on March 9 (tentative) next year from Shueisha. The calendar will be available for pre-order s from December 1.

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