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Snow Man×Fujiya to display large billboards in Shibuya

Snow Man×Fujiya to display large billboards near to the Shibuya Station to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the release of shortcake.

Snow man fujiya

Snow Man appear in a traffic ad commemorating the 100th anniversary of the launch of Fujiya Shortcake, which has been running around Shibuya Station on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line in Tokyo.

 The advertisement, which measures approximately 2 meters in height by 17 meters in width, is intended to inform more people about the appeal of Fujiya's historic shortcake and encourage them to enjoy the company's future products as well.

Snow man
CC : Twitter @kcsoba0929kp1

Fujiya Shortcake 100th Anniversary Project "12 Stories of Shortcake

Since January 2022, on the 22nd of every month, Shortcake Day, a small story has been written about the memories of people associated with shortcake.

The "12 Stories of Shortcake" have been told by various main characters appearing each month. Special shortcakes inspired by each story are sold at Fujiya confectionery stores from the 22nd of each month until the end of the month.

The cakes featured in the ads are all special shortcakes that were created as part of this project.

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