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SixTONES' New Song "Boom-Pow-Wow!" becomes Sony "LinkBuds S" CM song

A new commercial for Sony's fully wireless earphones "LinkBuds S" featuring SixTONES' new song "Boom-Pow-Wow!"

"Boom-Pow-Wow!" is a dance tune that expresses a wish to "unite the audience with their passionate voices again someday" in an age when cheers have disappeared. The commercial depicts a "no-hassle" lifestyle that can be comfortable even without removing earphones, featuring various situations in which people wonder whether or not to remove earphones, such as shopping, changing clothes, train rides, talking with friends, relaxing in bed, or practicing dance moves, which were selected based on comments on social networking sites. The program is scheduled to air on terrestrial TV from December.

"LinkBuds S" concept site

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