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Sexy Zone’s first dome concert Live Report

Discover the return of Apolline, a French girl living in Tokyo, about the Sexy Zone's first dome tour!

Sexy Zone’s first dome concert Live Report by Apolline

I went to Sexy Zone’s first dome concert. I have already been a fan of them for 7 years so I was really happy they could finally get the opportunity to realize their dream. The songs choice is very nice, I especially loved the Medley even if sometimes 3 songs are mashed up together so it’s hard to follow. The stage composition is very nice. But I think it would have been nice to add some Arena torokko so that fans inside Arena get some chance to see the members close.

I really loved the outfits, especially Sato Shori’s outfit when he is singing Sleepless and the next songs.

It was really nice to see them wearing clothes they used to wear 10 years ago, such as Lady Diamond and Sexy Summer ni yuki ga furu. Honestly, I would have loved to see them wearing their debut outfit too, so I was a little disappointed when I saw juniors were wearing them instead of Sexy Zone members.

Between the Nama kigae, clap games, and medley it was so entertaining and interesting to watch.

I loved the flow from Impactors’ song to Sexy Zone’s songs that livens it up. Members looked like they had so much fun singing these songs so it was really nice to watch.

One thing I really thought amazing was the cranes(?). I was surprised to see that they go really up so that fans that are upstairs or a little far can get the chance to see the members close.

At the end, I felt nostalgic seeing each members' color at the main stage.

Thank you for the good time and memories.

* Thank you @_apo0827 for your live report*

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