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Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Johnny's related Blog Post : Why open the blog space to everyone?

Hello to all of you!

As we want to help sharing, we have decided to open to all of you the blog space on our site.

Our first objective is to allow the fans to express themselves and to create a platform to share and gather data and real feelings of the fans (so that Johnny's can read you if she wants, let's be positive ^^)

Johnny's international fans blog post

In addition to a series of articles that will be available soon, you will be able to read your articles there! But for all to go right, let's have a few rules to respect.

What are the possible topics?

The goal is for you to write about what you want to write about. And this whether it is a quick post or a long theory.

In summary here are some of the topics we are considering

  • News and reminder

  • Your opinion on a CD, DVD, Concert, Film, Show...

  • Your tips and tutorials and feedbacks

  • The introduction of your sites or fansubs

  • Your collections

  • Your fanarts.

  • Your fan projects and their results

  • Your questions to the community

If your topic is not in the list, don't hesitate to contact us so we can validate it beforehand

If you feel like writing, but don't have an idea for a topic, don't hesitate to contact us, we'll suggest you one.

What is forbidden :

  • Insulting an artist, a member of the agency or imposing a negative idea without argumentation

  • Copy and paste or plagiarize from another article.

  • Do not quote your sources

  • Do not use royalty-free images

  • Do not use images of the artists except for promotional images

  • We also allow ourselves to add rules in the future.

What form should your text take?

We do not set minimum or maximum word limits. Our only requirements are the following.

The language

Currently, the language we use (or at least try to use) is English. So we ask you to use English. We are not native English speakers and we do not expect you to speak perfect English. So feel free to try.

If you need a translator, we recommend Deepl.

The content

Your article must contain :

  • A title (50 characters maximum)

  • Your structured text

  • At least one royalty-free image or photo.

  • Be signed by your name or pseudo

You can insert links to external sites that we will validate or not.


How to send my article ?

You can send us by e-mail ( your article preferably in .doc or pdf format or a google docs link.

Once received your article will :

  • Be read and validated

  • You will receive a validation email with a contact questionnaire to fill.

  • Formatted

  • Be published

  • Be shared

What should my e-mail contain?

  1. The Join article

  2. A summary of the article

  3. Your special requests

We look forward to your articles ^^

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