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New CM for Kishi : "my first revolution was King & Prince debut".

Kishi will feature on a new commercial, "Face Wash Revolution," which will be aired from the 28th.

DUO face wash series new commercial launch

On the 27th, Yuta Kishi of "King & Prince" attended the "DUO Facial Cleansing Series New CM Presentation" in Tokyo, where it was announced that he would be the CM character for the product. Kishi appeared in the blue "Prince" costume that he wears in the new commercial.

Kishi new cm
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In reference to the theme of the new commercial, "Face Wash Revolution," Kishi announced some of the "revolutionary" events that happened to him. One of them was his "debut revolution". He said: "everything changed. The person I am, Yuta Kishi, has changed, and the way I live has also changed since I met the current members."[..] "Before my debut, I was living carefree, but after my debut, I started to think about my future. ""I've started saving money, and I've learned that it's not good to often withdraw money at ATMs. I've started to think about the small things as if all the little things add up to a mountain,".

Kishi talk new cm

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