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KAT-TUN will release its new single "Zero kara ichi e" on October 10.

"Zero to Ichi e" is used as a promotional song for the professional baseball broadcast called "DRAMATIC BASEBALL 2022" on NTV and as a theme song for the show "Going! Sports & News" on NTV as well.

The song was written by Yoshiki Mizuno of ikimono-gakari, who made his debut with KAT-TUN in March 2006. The song strongly expresses the passion for sports, betting on winning and the adrenaline it brings in a fast and cheerful rhythm.

The songs "Into The Light" and "Winter Brightness" were also used as a promotional song for the opening of "DRAMATIC BASEBALL 2022" last spring.

Setlist (release date : 10/10)

M1. ゼロからイチへ

M2. Into The Light

M3. Winter Brightness

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