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Iwamoto Hikaru and Mukai Koji meeting their fans at Japan Expo Thailand .

From February 3 to 5, 2023, JAPAN EXPO Thailand, Asia's largest exhibition of Japanese culture, surprised the Thai people with a lineup of outstanding Japanese artists.

Among the most expected artists, Iwamoto Hikaru and Koiji Mukai, members of Japan’s hugely popular song and dance group Snow Man, came to meet their Thai fans. Smiles, laughter and good mood summarize the event, but let us tell you more about it with the review of Brees, our journalist on site.

The Power of Snow Man Fans

Only two members of Snow Man performed at the event this year, but they still won the crowd with extremely loud shouted and screamed and cheered all at once. Of course, with all the happiness and excitement from their fans.

No space to squeeze in to get a good spot. Every inch was full of people. Even seats around the Kaze stage weren’t available. The crowd cheered with excitement once the Snow Man members walked up to the stage. The fans supported and cheered for two Snow Man members in every event section and game. Snow Man members also delivered some movements while taking part in the games. It caused the fans to cheer louder than ever.

The selfie part got everyone excited. Just to ensure some part of their body was in a photo, the host let people take as many selfies as possible with their own phones and cameras, while the main selfie camera also took one at the same time.

Once the Snow Man event was over, the fans quickly moved out of the Kaze stage. That shocked me how fast they were. The host had to speak of the event rundown schedule and the next performance to stop people from walking away. Well, they surely came for the Snow Man event 100% at this point.

The Whole New World in the Snow Man Fan Crowd

It was like I was standing somewhere that Hollywood stars would walk in, but no, this was Snow Man that had a similar or the same level that day. I had goosebumps and was shocked at the same time by the hype and cheering from the crowd like it was no tomorrow again and again. They all seemed on top of the moon, seeing their favorite idol group after a very long time.

Want to see the show? Watch it on YouTube

A quick interview from a Snow Man fan during JAPAN EXPO Thailande!

I am originally an ARASHI fan. They inspired me to study Japanese. From ARASHI’s hiatus to being a Snow Man fan, it took me years to return to Johnny’s Fandom. I watched the drama "Silent". That's where got to know Meguro Ren. Then Snow Man's Youtube channel is a gate to becoming a Sunotan (Fan of Snow Man), and falling for all members' charm. I think Johnny's Youtube channels are a good opportunity for their artists to be discovered by foreign fans.

I want them to know that even though we're far from you, we always send support to you in Japan. We know you work so hard. I love your songs, performances, variety, and the great power you send to us all. Finally, "I hope you are healthy, don't push yourself too hard, and we will meet again someday."

Johnny & Associates' artists are names to keep in mind in the worldwide entertainment industry

If you don't know Johnny's, it is important to know that it is a Japanese male artist agency whose aura has been shining in the world for decades.

Because yes, if for more than 60 years the artists of Johnny's are clearly artists to follow for all those who are interested in Japanese pop culture or entertainment in general, it is not without reason. Their shows are known for their quality and their desire to please their fans. Their artists are multi-tasking: singer, dancer, actor, radio or TV host ... So get ready to hear about Johnny's more and more often!

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