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Survey : Your complaints about Johnny's

Today I suggest you a rather particular questionnaire.

I propose you to open the " complaints office " ^^

Johnny's Survey about issue with international fan

After seeing that many of us are suspicious of Johnny's or have complaints about the agency, I decided to launch this survey in order to gather all your feedback and especially, to offer you (when it will be possible) to give you an answer about why Johnny's made this choice. The goal is to inform you as much as possible about the reasons and try to bring a mutual understanding. Yes, I am talking about mutual understanding, because I promise you that I will do everything (and I think I can do it easily) to pass on the summary of your complaints to people working in the agency or people close to the agency.

I may be an eternal optimist, but I am confident that a better understanding of the feelings and actions of both parties will improve the conditions of international fans by allowing Johnny's to make even more strides towards us.

The "Complaints office".

Please feel free to tell us anything you have against the agency.

Answer the questionnaire here :

At the moment, I propose several themes. This will allow me to go faster in the analysis of your answers, but it is possible to propose a topics that is not listed.

If a subject becomes recurrent I will add it to the list.

The questionnaire will evolve as we go along and it is very likely that it will be open for a long time.

I propose you a first report and a first version of the answers at the end of June. (I am sincerely sorry but I have concerts planned every week in June ^^ It's quite rare to see bands come to Fukuoka ^^).

Concerning the answers to the questions and reproaches, I will try to answer to all of them. I will tell you if it is a safe source or in case I don't have sure answers, my personal (and probably professional: I work in marketing) opinion.

We are waiting for your most sincere and constructive reproaches ;)

I give my opinion here :

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