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Naniwa Danshi is in charge of the theme song Nanoni, Chigira-kun ga ama sugiru

Naniwa Danshi's new song "Special Kiss" will be the theme song of the movie "Nanoni, Chigira-kun ga ama sugiru" starring Kyohei Takahashi.

naniwa danshi , nanoni chigira kun ga ama sugiru

To be released on March 3, 2023, "Nanoni, Chigira-kun ga ama sugiru" (And Yet, You Are So Sweet) is a love story based on the comic of the same title by Kujira Anan, which is serialized in Kodansha's "Dessert". The theme song, "Special Kiss" is described as a sweet love song that is in harmony with the movie's atmosphere. It will be the first time Naniwa Danshi's movie theme song.

Along with this announcement, a trailer and poster visual were released.

Naniwa Danshi will release a new single that includes "Special Kiss" on March 8.

Kyohei Takahashi's comment.

It has always been my dream to star in a movie based on a shoujo manga, and this dream came true. So I was really happy to see that dream come true this time.

I thought that the members would be happy with it, but they worried about me and made me nervous all at once.

I wondered how I should express Chigira's charm behind the "salt"/ unfriendly attitude of the character since Chigira is a person who is full of strong feelings and kindness but is not good at expressing or communicating his feelings to others.

I am very happy that my first starring role was in this movie, and I am proud to have been able to play the role of Chigira. I usually give myself a perfect score for good-lookingness, so I hope that Kyohei Takahashi, who is a 360-degree good-looking man... No, I assure you that I will be able to show you plenty of Chigira. I will surely make the whole of Japan fall in love, so please look forward to it!


なのに、千輝くんが甘すぎる (Nanoni, Chigira-kun ga ama sugiru) trailer


Maaya Kisaragi, 16 years old, finally confessed to her crush...only to be flatly rejected and ridiculed on social media after. To make matters worse, the most popular guy in her grade, Chigira-Kun, overheard her despondent muttering about the whole thing. But instead of making fun of her, he comforts her...and proposes an odd solution to her heartbreak!

(source : Myanimelist )

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