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Buy Johnny's CDs and goods in Japan?

If you're a fan who collects goods and CDs from Johnny's, you've probably already wondered how to buy them in Japan! (^^)

To help you here is a guide for your purchases of CDs and goodies from Johnny's groups: Using a Proxy Service.

What is a proxy service :

It is a service platform of intermediary between you and Japanese stores. Most of the time the proxies only offer their service for online shop, but some of them also offer the purchase in physical stores.

In summary, you choose an item from a Japanese online store, you fill in the order form, the proxy buys and stocks the item and ships it to you.

Using a proxy service allows you to buy from stores that do not ship internationally, such as Johnny's Shop, Tower records, Universal Music store ...

This also allows you to gather all your orders in 1 single package and thus limit international shipping costs.

Which Proxies to use?

Overall the proxy offers are similar, the commissions being quite similar.

Here are some Proxy service names: Neokyo, From Japan, Buyee, Zenmarket.

(Only Neokyo and Buyee offer purchases on Mercari)

Let's continue!

The purchase of CDs in pre-order.

Chances are many of you are using store services like CDJapan or Yesasia. These services are of course very useful, but you may have to get up early to avoid missing out on offers.

By using a Proxy Service, you can pre-order your CDs from iconic stores such as Tower Records, HMV or even from labels like Universal music store or Sony music shop. The advantage? Enjoy all various pre-order bonuses.

Purchase on Johnny's Shop online.

Here we are!

Yes, with a Proxy service you can buy on Johnny's shop : Photo and goodies.

Be careful, however, purchases are limited to 2 copies per person. Proxies may have to cancel your order.

Second-hand items.

Some of you may already know Japanese sites that deliver internationally like Mandarake! But the shipping costs are quite expensive there. Mandarake is really interesting if you can go to a store, but much less if you have to ship internationally. Fortunately, there are several alternatives: marketplaces such as Yahoo Auction, Rakuma or Mercari are real gold mines and traps for compulsive buyers... (Give me back my money !!!) !

By using a Proxy service you can make your purchases on these platforms.

Yahoo Auction:

it allows you to make auctions, but also direct purchases. Auctions are often the most interesting. Some sellers offer you lots of several old goodies for really affordable prices. But as always! Beware of suspicious sellers and ads!

Mercari and Rakuma:

These two sites are "marketplace" where individuals sell their second-hand goods! Whether it is for Rakuma or Mercari, you will find there quite easily everything you are looking for!

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