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An association in charge of From The World to Johnny's

PACHI PACHI Project is a French association (law 1901). Its main objective is the promotion of Japanese pop culture, especially J-Music.

What is PACHI PACHI Project

PACHI PACHI Project is mainly active in France through a blog, a webradio (available internationally) and a free magazine. We also have a YouTube channel where we will broadcast artist interviews.

As creator and treasurer of the association PACHI PACHI Project and the From The World to Johnny's website, I decided to merge the two projects.

From now on (January 1st 2023), From The World to Johnny's becomes an official project of the PACHI PACHI Project . This will allow us to follow a charter of good practices and to propose you, projects with even more transparency. It will also allow us to participate officially in events. (Our first event will be Japan Expo Sud in Marseille).

We'll tell you more soon!

How can I follow you?

All our activities related to Johnny's will be shared on this website and on our Twitter account.

Can I join the association?

Currently, the registrations are closed. However, we will open the registration in the next few weeks (open to international). The basic registration is free but it is possible to benefit from advantages linked to the association by choosing to support us with the 5 or 10€ options

Listen our Webradio

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