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About us - Delhia

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Through blog articles, we will present the team and the objectives of the blog.

Thank you again for following us through this project.

Let's start with me .

I officially introduce myself, my name is Delhia, I'm French but I live in Japan (Fukuoka). So I'm managing all the projects while waiting for the arrival of other team members.

I have been passionate about Japanese music for a long time. I listen to all kinds of (almost) Japanese music : Idol, J-pop, J-rock (and visual-kei), J-metal, J-punk ... If I have to define my specialties it's mostly male Tokyo chika idol (it's crazy the number of new bands every year) but also J-rock indies (even if a lot of my favorite bands are now major ones.

As you can see I tend to narrate my life very easily and disperse myself in my speech.

But let's get back to Johnny's and why I started this project.

The Johnny's are not my main fandom anymore, the J-rock having taken over is doing to the idols!

However my story is really linked to the Johnny's artists and their fans.

I recently had the chance to meet someone from the agency and talk with that person. If music is my first passion in life, marketing and sociology (and especially the fan concept) are among the subjects that fascinate me.

After discussing about international fans with my contact (thanks again to those who answered the survey), I realized that the agency was not really aware of the level of hardship of international fans.

So I challenged myself to try to act in our favor by trying to allow the fans to get together and express their opinion.

More people will be joining the team and I hope to be able to offer this site in several languages to bring together as many international fans as possible.

The moment: "I'm talking about me"

I joined the world of Johnny's with Arashi who was for a long time the light that guided my path.

I met many of my friends sharing my passion for Arashi and Johnny's. If I'm currently in Japan and I never gave up my dream to settle there (we may be talking about more than one egocentric need to be in Japan... so many concerts and so few time by day ^^) , it's in great part thanks to Arashi and the support of the fan community who became my friends.

Today, Arashi doesn't occupy all my thoughts anymore (I'm not a big fan of the last albums) and I spend a lot of time in J-rock concert, but I don't forget the Johnny's. I'm now mainly a fan of Kinpuri, Sexy Zone, Arashi and the Juniors (mainly the 7mn Samurai). Being affected by acute symptom of "need to collection it" ; I collect CDs and other Goodies, this especially since I'm in Japan and I earn my own salary ^^ (oh money why do you disappear so quickly ... )

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