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Join our Team

Hello everyone.

We are now opening applications to be part of one of From The World To Johnny's teams!

All profiles are accepted. However, we will start with small teams and expand them as we go along.

Applications close on July 9th.
We will contact everyone between July 10th and 15th.

How does it work?

We will gather people to create teams according to "topics". Each team will be composed of several people with different profiles and languages.

We will start with small teams and few different languages. But our goal will be to expand the teams and offer as many languages as possible.

We will work mainly on Discord and supports like trello (or Monday) and Todoist.

Which teams can I join?

it will be possible to join between 1 and 2 teams. (More depending on work experience).​​

  • Design

  • Translation

  • News and Blog

  • Magazine and Fan feedback review

  • Fanbase directory

  • Survey 

  • Event management

  • Doujinshi

  • Fanproject management

  • Fan support (Help and Mail answers)

What are the positions?

  • Manager

  • Translator

  • Designer

  • Communication(social networks)

  • Website manager

Can I change teams?

It will be possible for you to test several teams and join the ones that interest you the most. However, this requires some organization and testing on our side. It is therefore possible that we limit this option at the beginning.

What engagement is expected:

This is a voluntary action, we will not ask for 100% involvement of your free time. However, you will be asked to update a "time available" schedule so that we can propose projects that match the time you may have available. 

Can I stop at any time?

It is of course possible for you to leave your team (preferably at the end of a project) or to take a "break". All you have to do is contact your team "leader".

Can I do a test before I commit myself? 

It is indeed possible to do a test. Contact us by e-mail and explain which position you are interested in and which project.

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