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Janiwota International Forest

Good day everyone! 

Here is a new project that is very close to our hearts.

The International Johnny's Fan Forest! 


To be a fan of the Johnny's is to be part of a vast international fandom. In this sense, we believe it is important to enter an ecological approach for us to act at our scale.

From here on out, From The World to Johnny's will celebrate the fandom every month by sponsoring the planting of trees.

International forest banner.png


Why such a project?


Ecology has several issues which affect each and every one of us such as pollution, natural resource depletion etc. If this may seem impossible, it wouldn’t have to be if we would start first on a small scale even if we do not have to spend a lot of money. This would all add up in time and allow us to bring our community together which will be undertaken by “From The World To Johnny’s”.



Johnny's International fan forest

Why plant trees?

There are many reasons and choices. After weighing out the options between animal, beehive, or school sponsorship, I decided to choose tree planting. Why you may ask?

  •  First of all, there are some affiliations under tree planting that I have contacted which have existing campaigns in which we can extend our help with.

  • Trees are very important as they produce oxygen which is our life support and in relation to being a Johnny’s fan also gives color to our lives, our oxygen if you may.

  •  Regarding financial assistance, we won’t be soliciting any form of payment from you for any of our projects as we have a budget for this. To be honest, tree planting is not really expensive so it would be easy to stay within our monthly budget.

  •  Lastly, planting of trees comes with many advantages such as cleaning the air, this would also help other animals as trees are their habitats, reforestation, prevent soil erosion, landslides etc. There are so many reasons which affect not only us but the environment and wildlife as well.


How to participate? 

The process is simple, the more followers we have on twitter and more people who answer our questionnaires, the more trees will be planted. At each level that we achieve, we will buy a tree to be planted. All of you will then be notified by email and posted in social media of the updates on this project and when the trees are planted.

From our end, we have created a “From The World To Johnny’s” account in which the updates will be posted. All of the trees planted will be in the name of Johnny's international fans.

The development of the project will soon be posted on a dedicated page as well.

What are the levels?

As mentioned above, at each level of participation we will plant a tree. Here are the levels: 



For now, the limit per month is 30 trees. If the thresholds are not reached during the month, 2/5 trees will still be planted.




Where are the trees planted?

We will vote monthly (1st week of the month) on the location of the plantations on Twitter.

More information about their possible location: 

Forest one tree.jpg

How to know if the trees are planted?

You can check the page of the affiliations to see pictures of the actions they take or to know more about their updates.

As far as we are concerned, we will update the information about the planted trees on another page.

Can I participate by sending money to plant more?

Yes you can! You can join our Forest Fundraiser.

We ask you to please use this system as we won’t be collecting any money from you as to avoid any other possible issues/problems

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