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How to send my Fanletters to Johnny's FAMILY CLUB?

Send fanletters to Johnny's

You want to send your fanletters to your favorite johnnys artists?
Perfect, we propose a grouped mailing of letters.

Our goal is simple, to allow as many fans as possible to send out fanletters.

The offer is currently free and takes place every month.

How we process?

  • Fill out this form with your letter in Japanese or English PDF format. We advise you to use Canva to personalize it

  • We will collect and print the letters.

  • We will put them in an envelope.

  • The sending will be done in the 1st week of the month.

You can also send us your letter by email

Your email must contain :

  • Your letters as attachments. Please name the file with the group and the artist's name.

  • The name of the group and artist to whom we should send your letters.

  • Any comments you want to add.


some rules

I won't read your letters, but it is possible that the fanclub will check.
The rules are the same as those written in the fan club rules. 


  • We do not accept gifts

  • It is forbidden to write a means of contact: telephone, email, Twitter account, line...

  • Do not post any photos of yourself or any other subject with illicit or pornographic characteristics.

  • It is forbidden to insult an artist (but you can give your opinion politely).


I don't speak Japanese how do I write my letter? 

You can write your letter in English but to make sure the message is well understood Japanese is recommended.

If you need an automatic translator we recommend Deepl, unfortunately its weakness as a translator is in the long sentences and mixed level of politeness. So, make short sentences and check if the translation seems correct by translating the Japanese translation given by Deepl into your language.

In case you are looking for a really correct translation, I advise you to use specialized translation sites like Gengo, or to use freelancer with website as Fiver. The price of the translation varies according to the number of words. 

I need to send a letter quickly, is it possible?

Yes it is possible, but in this case we ask for a financial participation for the stamp. 
(Depending on the weight between 82 and a few hundred yen).

Do not hesitate to contact us by mail. 

How do I know when my letter will be sent? 

We will post on social networks the date and photo of the sending.

Please note

  • Each letter will be individually put in a simple envelope bought in a 100 yen shop. 

  • The offer is currently free until May 2021. Depending on the feedback and especially on the mailing price, I reserve the right to change the operation by requesting partial payment (varies depending on the number of letters) to pay for postage and printing.

  • You are not limited in size or number of letters.

  • For the moment, we will not be enclosing stationery and return envelopes. 

  • If you wish to send a handwritten letter yourself, here is the address for sending it.

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